Affiliates F.A.Q.

Becoming a Affiliate is easy! Refer your website visitors to our hosting services and earn commissions of up to Php 995.00 for every confirmed order. Joining is free and there's absolutely no risk on your part, only profits! Sign up to become a affiliate and start earning now. Click the following Affiliate Program F.A.Q. to learn more about this income opportunity.

Step 1 - Register

Signup for Affiliate Program to open an account and obtain your unique affiliate link code.

Step 2 - Link

Add your affiliate link code or banners to your website pages where visitors can click them.

Step 3 - Earn

Earn commissions for every confirmed web hosting package order. There is no limit to how much you can earn!
How do I add the affiliate link to my website?
Copy your unique referral link from the affiliates home page and paste it anywhere you want it to appear in your website. The number at the end of the link code is your affiliate ID number.
Do I need to use a banner to advertise?
It is not mandatory to use a banner, you can use text links as long as the description does not violate any of our affiliate program's terms of service.
Can I use my affiliate link on several sites?
Yes, you may place your affiliate code on as many of your web sites as you wish, this will in fact give you more opportunities to make a sale. Please make sure that your websites comply with our terms of service - advertising our services on illegal or other inappropriate sites can be ground for account termination without payment.
Can I use my affiliate link in forum postings, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites?
Yes, as long as you don't spam forums and social media sites with your affiliate link code.
Can I use my affiliate link for offline advertisements in newspaper classified ads, flyers, etc.?
Yes. If you want a more memorable link URL for offline advertising, you can shorten or hide your affiliate code by using any free URL forwarding service such as, or
Can I advertise through email?
Advertising through email is allowed only if you have an approved and verifiable list of recipients from newsletter or mailing list opt-in signups from your website. Sending email to random recipients is considered as spam and will result in the termination of your affiliate account without payment.
Can I use my affiliate link to signup for my own hosting account?
No. Commission amount will not be credited to your affiliate account and such practice can be ground for account termination without payment.
Will my affiliate link code expire?
No, your affiliate account and unique link code will remain active for as long as your account is in good standing and not violating any of our affiliate program terms.

Tracking and Statistics
How are referrals being tracked?
Your unique ID number is attached to the affiliate link code. When a visitor clicks on the link, a cookie is set on the visitor's computer containing your unique referral code. When the visitor signs up and pays for a hosting service, the order page reads the cookie and the sale will be credited to your affiliate account.
How long does the cookie stay in the visitor's computer?
The cookie will be valid for 60 days, so if the visitor comes back within 60 days and ordered a package, you will still get a commission.
What does the "Visitors Referred" mean?
This is the total number of visitors who clicked your affiliate link and visited
What does the "Signups Referred" mean?
This is the number of referred visitors who signed up for a hosting account. Please note that this number includes paid and unpaid/canceled orders. Commissions are credited to your account for PAID and ACTIVE orders only.
How will I know if an order I referred has been paid?
As soon as an order is paid and hosting account activated, the "Status" column will automatically change from pending to active.

How much will I earn?
Commissions are based on the package you have referred and sold:
Basic Hosting Package - Php 195.00 per sale.
Standard Hosting Package - Php 495.00 per sale.
Corporate Hosting Package - Php 995.00 per sale.
Please be reminded that commissions are credited to your account for PAID and ACTIVE orders only.
When do I get paid for my referrals?
The minimum payout amount is Php 1,000.00. Once your total commissions reach this amount, you may request for a withdrawal.
How do I get paid?
Payments can be received through any of the following (Philippine Peso currency only):
01. Deposit to your bank account (local banks only).
02. Transfer to your Paypal account.
03. Credit to your web hosting account.