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cPanel Basics

How to Access cPanel

Getting Started Wizard

The cPanel Home Screen

How to Update Your Contact Info

How to Change cPanel Style

How to Create Shortcuts

Domain Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Modify My Domain's Name Servers?

My Domain Has Expired, Why Can't I Access My Hosting Account?

What Happens If I Fail to Renew My Domain Name On Time?

Will My Website Files Be Affected If My Domain Has Expired?

Will I Be Able to Access cPanel or FTP When My Domain Has Expired?

Can I Get My Expired Domain Back Once It Has Been Locked By The Registrar?

What Will Happen to My Hosting Account If I Have Lost My Expired Domain?

Can I Change the Domain Name Associated With My Hosting Account?

How Long Does It Take for Expired Domains to Be Reactivated?

cPanel Domain Tutorials and How-Tos

Using Subdomains

Domain Parking

Domain Redirects

Simple DNS Zone Editor

Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Addon Domains

Addon vs. Parked Domains Features

Files Management

File Manager

Legacy File Manager


Backup Wizard

How to Exclude Files from Backups

Web Disk

How to Connect to Web Disk on Your Mobile Device

Disk Space Usage

Creating FTP Accounts

FTP Session Control

Index Manager

Image Manager

HTML Editor

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

How to Connect to FTP Using FileZilla

How to Connect to FTP Using CoreFTP

How to Connect to FTP Using Cyberduck for Mac

Mail Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my email from a remote location with another PC?

Why does a particular webmail application load automatically?

I am unable to see the webmail page

When I read mail on my mail client, why does the mail remain marked as unread in webmail?

How do I set up an out-of-office reply for incoming emails?

I have forgotten the password. How can I receive email?

How can users change their email passwords?

Can I forward mail from one address to two or more addresses?

How can I forward my emails without a copy in my account?

What does the "A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients" message mean?

Why don't I receive any emails?

Emails cannot be sent, but receiving is ok

Is there a way to let the user know that they have sent email to a wrong address?

Mail Tutorials and How-Tos

How to Add Email Accounts

How to Access Webmail

Which Webmail Application Should I Choose?


Auto Responders

Default Address In Mail

Mailing Lists

Account Level Filtering

Account Level Filter Configuration Options

User Level Filtering

Email Trace

How to Import Addresses/Forwarders

Email Authentication

MX Entry

BlackBerry FastMail Service

How to Configure Mozilla Thunderbird

How to Configure Microsoft Outlook

How to Setup Mail Account On iPad

How to Configure Mail Account in Mac Mail


MySQL® Databases

MySQL® Database Wizard

phpMyAdmin Databases

Remote MySQL

HTTP Error Codes and Error Page

HTTP Error Codes and Quick Fixes

How to Create A Custom Error Page


Latest Visitors

Bandwidth Usage

Apparent Discrepancies in Bandwidth Usage Statistics

How Bandwidth Graphs Are Generated

Logaholic Web Analytics

AWStats Log File Analyzer

Raw Access Logs

Error Log


How to Install A Script Using Softaculous

Website Security

How to Password Protect Directories

IP Deny Manager

Hotlink Protection

Leech Protection