How to Connect to FTP Using FileZilla


FileZilla is a free open source FTP client available for download here.

STEP 1 Open FileZilla and click File.

STEP 2 Select Site Manager.

STEP 3 Click New Folder and enter any name for the new folder.

STEP 4 Click New Site.

STEP 5 Enter a name for the new site.

STEP 6 Enter the name of the Host - ftp.yourdomain.com (replace "yourdomain.com" with your actual domain).

STEP 7 Enter the port number 21.

STEP 8 Select "FTP - File Transfer Protocol" for the Servertype.

STEP 9 Select "Normal" for the Logontype.

STEP 10 Enter your account Username and Password.

STEP 11 Click Connect.