About Hosting.ph

In 2003, Hosting.ph began offering full featured web hosting services to serve the growing number of Philippines based websites at the best prices available. Today we still do, but some things have changed. With advancements in technology Hosting.ph has continued to upgrade and progress. Using the latest multi-core processor technologies and offering multiple processors based servers at an affordable price.

Not all web hosting companies give you the best hosting service for your web site. They serve up everything and anything to attract your business, but when it comes down to web hosting, their quality is less than Grade "A". At Hosting.ph, web hosting is our business. Whether you need a web site for your personal or company's online presence, we have the right solution for you.

Even though we have greatly improved our equipment and network, we have maintained our low prices while constantly upgrading our hosting packages' disk space and bandwidth allocation combined with extensive features to consistently give you more value for your money and the best possible web hosting experience.

Commitment to customer service is an integral characteristic of Hosting.ph and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our primary goal is sustaining long-term relationships with our clients. Our dedicated customer care team is always standing by to provide personalized and prompt assistance through our online helpdesk support system.

By continuously providing cost effective services and focusing on customer-centric solutions, we hope to fulfill all of your hosting needs.