Terms Of Service

Hosting.ph is committed to offer all its clients excellent service and customer support. In order for us to continue providing these services, there has to be good communication and understanding between us. The following Terms of Service have been created in order for us to have a good relationship - as well as to prevent misunderstandings regarding the services we offer and the standard procedures that we implement concerning a client's account. By understanding these terms, you will be able to get the most out of our provided services.


The client agrees to hold Hosting.ph harmless from any claims resulting from the use of the service which damages the client or any other party. Any and all material within a client's account, is his/her property and responsibility (unless the material is copyrighted, trademarked, etc.). Hosting.ph shall have no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or losses (including, without information, or any other pecuniary loss) of the client that may result from the use or inability to access the Site or from the services provided by Hosting.ph, or as a result of any errors, omissions, interruptions, power failures, computer viruses, data damage, deletion of files, defects, delays in operation, delays or failures of transmission, or any other failure of performance. Under no circumstances shall Hosting.ph be responsible for more than the aggregate peso amount paid by the client for the monthly service period during which the claim arose during the term of this Agreement.

Contact Details

Hosting.ph relies on the contact information supplied by the client in the Client Portal and cPanel for the purposes of corresponding with the client for any concerns regarding the account and sending of invoices, payment reminders and other important notices. Client is responsible for updating any contact details in the Client Portal and cPanel as necessary. Hosting.ph shall not be liable for any consequences caused by the client's failure to receive our emails, notices or invoices due to erroneous or inactive contact email in the client's cPanel and or Client Portal.

File Backup

Hosting.ph will initially generate a complete backup copy of client's account emails and website contents and incremental backups will be performed once a week. Account restoration can be requested and files will be restored from the latest available weekly backup. For clients who require a more frequent backup, we recommend doing a manual backup in cPanel and downloading the files to the client's local computer for safekeeping.

Account Suspension and Termination

Hosting.ph's minimum web hosting billing cycle is annually. Failure to settle succeeding annual fees will result in automatic account suspension. Our billing system automatically suspends accounts FIFTEEN (15) DAYS after the due date. Suspended accounts will be retained for another FORTY FIVE (45) DAYS. After such time, and the client still fails to settle his/her account, all data and emails under the client's account will be permanently deleted and account closed SIXTY (60) DAYS after the invoice due date. Once an account has been closed/terminated, all web site files including databases, emails, log files, cPanel settings and email accounts can no longer be recovered. Client Portal account, billing history and helpdesk entries will also be deleted from the system. Hosting.ph shall have no liability for deleted files, databases and emails due to account termination.

Suspended Accounts

Suspended accounts include web and email services suspension. The home page will be replaced with a "Temporarily Unavailable" page, FTP and Email access will also be deactivated at this time. All incoming emails will be "bounced back" to the sender and cannot be retrieved once the account has been reactivated. Hosting.ph holds no responsibility for lost emails or any data during the time an account is in suspended status.

Reactivation of Terminated Accounts

Clients whose account has been terminated will have to sign up for a new account and reupload files and databases from their own backup. Previously uploaded or existing files in the client's account prior to the account termination can no longer be recovered.

Payment Advice

Except for payments made through Paypal and credit card which can be credited immediately to a client's account, we request our clients to please send us an email regarding bank deposit payment details as indicated in every invoice we send. When a client deposits payment to our bank account there is no way for us to know who paid for which account unless we receive a payment confirmation email from the client. Payment will only be posted and credited to client's account as soon as we receive a payment advice.

Failure to Send Payment Advice

Hosting.ph shall not be held liable for account suspension or termination and domain expiration including domain already placed in locked status by the registrar due to the client's failure to send a payment advice promptly even if the deposit was made on or before the invoice due date.

Domain Expiration

Domains registered through Hosting.ph will only be renewed once payment advice has been received from the client. Expired domains will redirect to the registrar page on the day of expiration and all website services including email access will not be available until the domain is renewed.

Grace Period for Expired Domains

Expired domains are given FIFTEEN (15) Days grace period by the registrar for regular renewal. After such time and the domain is still not renewed, the domain will be placed in locked status by the registrar and there will be no guarantee that you can get your domain back. Once an expired domain has been put in "locked status" by the registrar, regular renewal is no longer possible.

Reactivation of Locked Domains

Expired domains past the grace period of fifteen (15) days after expiration date can be reactivated by paying the amount of US$300.00 per domain, this fee is being charged by the domain registrar and not by Hosting.ph.

Domains Not Registered Through Hosting.ph

Client is responsible for the management and renewal of domain names not registered through Hosting.ph. If you have registered your domain name somewhere else and failed to renew it on time, the domain services will be deactivated and website will be inaccessible even if your hosting account is active and payment status is current.

No Refund For Domain Registration Fee

Payment for domain registration is non-refundable as soon as the domain has been registered.

Domain Name Registration Is Final

Hosting.ph will register a domain name according to what was submitted in the order form by the client. Client is responsible for the correctness in the domain spelling and extension. As soon as Hosting.ph has processed the domain registration, it can no longer be modified. If the client wishes to change the domain name, a new order must be submitted.

Support and Helpdesk

Hosting.ph will handle billing and technical support and pre-sales inquiries through email and the online client portal help desk system only. Our support team is available to answer requests from 10AM to 2AM Monday through Sunday. Hosting.ph does not provide support or pre-sales inquiries by phone.

Support Limitations

Hosting.ph will provide support regarding server related issues only. All other technical concerns regarding a client account's site contents, web scripts and client side computer, software, network or ISP related issues must be brought to the attention of the site's webmaster, web script's author, computer technician and client's network administrator or internet service provider.

Support Request Verification

Hosting.ph will not entertain support requests from unauthorized persons or from email addresses not associated with an account. If a client prefers Hosting.ph to deal directly with their representative (site webmaster for example) to resolve issues, an authorization email must be sent by the client to Hosting.ph using the email address associated with his/her account.

Account Cancellation/Termination

With the exception of accounts automatically terminated due to billing issues, Hosting.ph will continue to provide service to a client, until a written cancellation notice is received from the client. A written notice must be sent by email using the address which the client used to sign up. Until the client has not provided correct identity information, Hosting.ph will not cancel the account. Hosting.ph requires a 30 days advanced termination notice for the cancellation to be effective. Account terminations will always be towards the end of the period already paid.

Policy Revisions

Any contents on this page is subject to change without prior notice. Client is responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms of Service. Continued use of Hosting.ph's services following any such changes shall constitute the Client's acceptance of such changes.