Website Design and Development

A Website That Works for You

Whether you need a new website to showcase your company products and services or a makeover for an existing site, offers affordable website design and development packages.

We build websites with functionality as the main priority and combining it with a clean and aesthetically pleasing design to empower your company brand and enhance your online identity. Using the latest web site development applications, scripting technologies, responsive mobile-friendly design and layout techniques to achieve a customer-centric, user friendly and search directory optimized website.

Our goal is to develop a website that works for you - a silent salesperson for your company products and services that will help generate leads and bring in new customers.

What We Develop

  • Blog and CMS
  • Company Website
  • Product Catalog
  • Organization Portal
  • eCommerce Online Store
  • Personal Portfolio Site
  • Professional Services Website
  • Discussion Board and Forum
  • Custom Website Development Responsive Website Design and Development


Php 10,000.00

Standard website for companies, professional services, personalities, organizations and institutions.

  • Up to 10 HTML Pages
  • Home Page, Products and Services Details, FAQ Page, etc.
  • Contact/Feedback Form
  • Search Engine Optimized HTML Headings, XML Sitemap Generation
  • Site maintenance and update of text and image content only (valid for 1 year)


Php 25,000.00

Website with dynamic, database-driven content (online store, forum, etc.)

  • Installation and customization of one (1) web application/script of your choice*
  • Database setup and configuration
  • Search Engine Optimized Headings, XML Sitemap Generation
  • Site maintenance and update of text and image content only (valid for 1 year)

*Commercial web application/script license will be charged separately.


Please send us details of your website requirements to request for a free quote.

Website Design and Development FAQ

What is the difference between static and dynamic websites?

A static website is developed using html and is best for basic company websites or personal profiles that do not have a large amount of information or content and do not require frequent content updates. A dynamic website is driven by a database where most contents are stored, this is recommended for sites with a huge amount of data or if automation and content management are required such as e-commerce stores, forums, blogs, etc.

What is your time frame for completing a web design order?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for a standard profile site. For custom design orders the time frame for project completion will depend on the type of site, but we make sure that every job order is finished within 60 days.

How do I submit files that I want to be included in my website?

We will need digital copies of the files that you want to be included in your website. Your scanned company logo, digital images, text content or documents, etc. can be sent to us through email.

Will I be able to view the site before making it live?

Yes, we will send you a link where you can view the progress of your web design order and you can send us any modifications that you require.

What are your payment terms?

A 50% downpayment is required prior to creating the preliminary draft and the balance must be paid in full before we upload the site to the server.

Will you provide web applications or scripts for my site?

We will provide free open source web applications or scripts as required by your website. For more complex sites, we may suggest commercial scripts as applicable to your website type.

Is commercial script license included?

No, license is not included and will be charged separately.

What's included in the 1 year free site update period?

Update of your site's text, links and image content (up to a maximum of 5 instances) is included within one year of job completion. Please note that this is not a site redesign. The main layout and design of your site will remain unchanged.

What if I need an update beyond the 1 year free update period?

Please send us an email to request for a quote and include details of your requirements.

Will you give me all the files used so I can have a copy?

Yes, we will send you your site's source files.

Are these files editable if I want to update them myself?

Yes, our source files are editable including .psd copies of web elements.