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Transfer your website to and experience our awesome hosting service without the hassle of a website migration.

Our Free Website Transfer Assistance service will migrate your account from your current hosting provider to our server, with minimum fuss and downtime. Our team will perform the migration and transfer of your website files, emails and databases at a time convenient to you.

To get started, please signup for a hosting account and indicate in the "Notes/Additional Information" field your request for website transfer assistance.

Website Transfer

Website Transfer FAQ

What's included in the website transfer service?

We will transfer all your existing web site files including html/php files, media, web documents, database contents, scripts and email accounts.

How long will it take for the transfer to complete?

Transfer can take an hour or more depending on the size of your web site. We will send you an estimated completion time before we start the transfer process.

Do I need to provide you access to my current web host account?

Yes, we will need your log in details to retrieve your files from your current web host.

Am I required to transfer my domain registration to

No, this is not required. But if it will be more convenient for you to have your domain renewal management and web hosting account under one company, you have the option to transfer the domain registration and management to us.

Will there be any down time for my website?

Although we do not expect any down time during the transfer process, we will make sure that it won't be more than an hour should any unexpected issues arise.

Will my database driven site work with your server?

As long as your current database is PHP based and hosted on a Linux server there will be no problem.

I have a very large site, will you charge me extra?

No, our website transfer service is completely free of charge no matter how big or small your current website is.

Is cPanel required at my current web host for the transfer?

No, we can transfer your website no matter which admin panel you are currently using.

Will my email accounts work after the transfer?

Yes, we will make sure that your email accounts will be up and running as soon as your domain's name servers have resolved.

Can I set a scheduled date and time for the transfer?

We recommend setting a scheduled transfer date and time at your convenience, preferably during off-peak hours.